When you’re cooking at home, do you perfectly sanitize your pots, pans and utensils? Probably not, but for the global food and beverage industry, pristine production equipment is everything.

From the plant floor to your grocery cart, drinks and food items must maintain immaculate sanitation, and a single leaking gasket or contaminated connection in the production facility will turn quality products into expensive waste. The Garlock family of companies wants the world to be well-fed and safe, and that means designing sealing solutions capable of handling harsh sanitation routines.

A lot of engineering goes into creating the foods and beverages the world enjoys, and sanitation practices, including Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Sanitation in Place (SIP), can be highly corrosive to many gasketing materials. Garlock’s sealing solutions and pump diaphragm materials handle these environments reliably without degrading into the product or causing contamination issues though pipe bore intrusion. The right seal in the right application can make all the difference when it comes to cleanliness.

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