ANSI Pumps

Summit Pump: 100% interchangeable pumps/parts for Goulds 3196 and Durco Mark I-III pumps. Some Goulds 3996 parts and 3796 parts. Metallurgies stocked are ductile iron, 316ss and CD4MU, however exotics are available upon request, but a longer delivery will be required.

Nomad Gear Pumps

Split Pumps

Gear Pumps – Nomad Pumps: Nomad Gear Pumps are drop in replacements for their Viking and Spectrom equivalents. Cast iron construction with included pressure relief valve. 100% interchangeable with Viking Pump model A series (Universal Bracket). Internal gear pump from 1.5″ to 4″ in cast iron construction only.

Mag Drive Pumps

ANSI and API centrifugal pumps as well as rotary vane and turbine pumps. Materials of construction range from metallic to nonmetallic.

Summit Pump

Self Priming Pumps

Summit Pump: 100% interchangeable with Gorman Rupp T series. Cast iron and 316ss construction. Some ANSI sizes available.


Progressive Cavity Pumps

Netzsch Pumps: Netzsch provides a variety of pumping solutions to the market, including progressive-cavity “rotor and stator”, rotary-lobe, grinder, and multiple-screw pumps.

Tesla Disk Pumps

Disk Pumps

Tesla Disk Pumps: Designed for the most abrasive and erosive particulates, slurries, and sludge. They gently handle the most fragile crystals, sensitive chemicals, and polymer emulsions.