ANSI Pumps

Summit Pump: 100% interchangeable pumps/parts for Goulds 3196 and Durco Mark I-III pumps. Some Goulds 3996 parts and 3796 parts. Metallurgies stocked are ductile iron, 316ss and CD4MU, however exotics are available upon request, but a longer delivery will be required.

Nomad Gear Pumps

Split Pumps

Gear Pumps – Nomad Pumps: Nomad Gear Pumps are drop in replacements for their Viking and Spectrom equivalents. Cast iron construction with included pressure relief valve. 100% interchangeable with Viking Pump model A series (Universal Bracket). Internal gear pump from 1.5″ to 4″ in cast iron construction only.


Slurry Pumps

Egger Pumps: Manufacture of recessed and open impeller pumps, designed ONLY for abrasive handling or entrained gases (multiphase applications).

Summit Pump

Self Priming Pumps

Summit Pump: 100% interchangeable with Gorman Rupp T series. Cast iron and 316ss construction. Some ANSI sizes available.


Progressive Cavity Pumps

Netzsch Pumps: Netzsch provides a variety of pumping solutions to the market, including progressive-cavity “rotor and stator”, rotary-lobe, grinder, and multiple-screw pumps.

Mag Drive Pumps

ANSI and API centrifugal pumps as well as rotary vane and turbine pumps. Materials of construction range from metallic to nonmetallic.