At ABET Distributing, we service what we sell. Any size, any make, any model – WE CAN FIX IT. With over 65+ years of combined experience, we have seen it all, and we have done it all. This Goulds 3171 will require a complete overhaul consisting of new bearings, new bushings, re-plumbing the grease injection ports, a new adaptor plate, and a new impeller (along with a whole lot of TLC!).

Goulds Pump Repair

Does your unit fail time and time again? ABET would be more than happy to discuss with you, at no charge, your process and make recommendations to circumvent any issues and improve overall system reliability.  Any sales rep can stop by and drop off a box of donuts, but does your distributor offer to travel to the jobsite for startup to ensure proper installation? Does your distributor diagnose and consult to remedy problems in your plant or facility—or do all they care about is selling you another unit?  Being a partner, and a life-line is what we pride ourselves in, and through service we aim to gain your trust so that we will be your “First Call” when your units go down.


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