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ABET Distributing USA, Inc. is a leading Texas based industrial pump sales and service provider. Field Service Pump Repair – Sales and servicing of all major brands with expertise in Summit, Goulds, Egger, Nomad, Peerless and more.
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ABET Distributing USA located just west of Houston, TX is an industrial pump distributor proudly serving customers in Texas serving all industries including chemical and petrochemical. The ABET Team aims to provide the most efficient services and expertise involving pumps and pumping applications. We offer field service, pump repairs, a full scale machine shop and fabrication to handle all your needs 24/7.


Summit 2196 Pump

Summit 2196 Pump

This Centrifugal Pump is completely interchangeable with Goulds® 3196 pumps.with capacities to 6000 gpm, heads to 730 feet, and temperatures to 700ºF. Call 713-213-8091 for pricing.

Garlock Bearing Isolator

Surface Mounted Bearing Isolators – specially Designed for Minimal Shaft to Bore Clearance Applications. We carry a complete line of Garlock products.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors have provided a reliable method of transportation of a broad range of bulk materials for a variety of applications. Save on all Screw Conveyor equipment.


Advanced Sealing International
Screw Conveyor Corporation
Egger Pumps
Bornemann Pumps
Garlock Sealing Technology
Nomad Pumps
Summit Pump
Worldwide Electric Corp


PACO Pump Repair

Doctor’s Orders: Replace mechanical seal Install new bearings Fabricate a new sleeve Install new gasketing Replace lip seals Alignment Pictured: ABET Pump Mechanic working on a PACO Pump skid at our shop in Pasadena,...

SUMMIT 2196MTO 1.5×3-13 End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

Pictured: 2 of 4 SUMMIT 2196MTO 1.5×3-13 end suction centrifugal pumps in staging area ready to be shipped. These pumps are coupled with a Marathon 10HP 215T frame using TB Woods brand couplings. An ASI cartridge style mechanical seal is the chosen sealing...

INNOMAG Mag-drive Centrifugal Pumps

This Sealless INNOMAG TBMAG 1×1.5-6 ANSI Teflon-lined Mag-drive centrifugal pump assembly will be used in a concentrated caustic application.

Self Priming Diaphragm Pump

Pictured is a completely rebuilt 3” Versamatic Self-Priming E3 AA Diaphragm Pump. In operation, this pump is capable of handling up to 90% solids, and infinite variable flows. New viton valve balls and diaphragms were installed to replace existing components. The air...

Pump Solution Designed and Provided to Manufacturer

A Summit 2196MTO 3×4-13 ANSI end-suction centrifugal pump coupled to a 25HP TECO Westinghouse Motor via a TB Woods elastomeric spacer coupling. This unit is mounted to a custom, channel-steel baseplate that required a 3″ riser be placed underneath the motor...

Goulds 3316 Split Case Pump Repair

The Goulds 3316 Two Stage Horizontally Split Case Pump was inspected, and then disassembled. A new mechanical seal from Advanced Sealing International (ASI) was installed along with new gasketing. Type of Equipment: Two Stage, Horizontally Split Case Pump Brand of...

Custom Packing Glands for Ball Valve

Custom packing glands for a ball valve used to control pressure on a liquid pipeline. These glands were designed to retrofit the existing valve body, but re-engineered to accommodate a newer seal design. These heat-treated, 4140 glands can withstand more than...